Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yellow, Yellow Everywhere!!

Yellow is so bright and energetic.  I love that it is on my walls, I love that banana's are yellow, I love that the sun shining so bright looks yellow sometimes.  Yellow makes me happy, it makes me silly, any most times, just looking into my playroom with it warm, buttery yellow walls it makes me SMILE!!  So, come and see what we did with the wonderful color YELLOW today...

Sprout and her mommy made us some yummy, sweet Sunshine Cakes!!  

We practiced using scissors in our Yellow Shirts!!
Yellow shirts always makes the hard stuff more fun!!

We took out some plexi-glass and finger painted with sparkly yellow paint!!
It was so slippery, slimy and smooth!

"Look Shell!!"

Can't be outside, so bringing the outside in

We got out the yellow do-a-dot markers... what fun!!!

Keeping the bottle down was hard for some of us, but everyone got the hang of it eventually ;)

Lil Bits Mommy lent us the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?? by Bill Martin Jr
She also let us borrow 2 piece puzzles what went along with the book.
The kids loved trying them out.  Little Man was intent on getting them together!!!

Sprout had fun putting them all together and then we retold the story with the puzzles.

Scamp kept saying "Balk, Balk" for every animal in the book, it was quite funny.
I would tell her what the animal sound was, and she would look right at me and say,
"Balk, Balk!!"

Our bear cave was still out today and the kids had fun playing with the bears today.  Since it was rainy today we had the sandbox open and got our hands dirty.  Also, there was A LOT of sliding, climbing and jumping today.  I can't wait for dry weather so we can get outside!!!  Even if it's cold, as long as we are dressed for the weather, it's great to get out into the wide openness of the great outdoors... Ahhhh, I can't wait :)

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