Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mittens and Paint

Today was a great day.  The kids played so nicely and enjoyed the new spaces.  It seems that the flow (that I am endlessly looking for) may have been found :)  The kids don't seem bunched up or on top of each other.  They spread out and use the spaces correctly.  I am happy.

When I taught in a "classroom" so many years ago, I always had my materials planned out and at my fingertips each week.  I had a little basket with that weeks books, another box with art materials, etc... well, now that my "classroom" is in my home I can never seem to find what I know I have.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with my 4 children, especially the younger 2, who seem to think anything I put out is for them to use, move, or confiscate.  This is my round about way of saying... "I CAN'T FIND MY JAN BRETT BOOK, THE MITTEN!!!"   I know I had it 2 weeks ago, my littlest guy and I read it.  I know I set it on the shelf in the playroom... but is it there??  NO!!!  So we had to YouTube it instead.  We found a nice, condensed telling of the book and we were all happy.  I am sure I will find my book on Saturday, when our mitten theme is over :)  but I'll read it anyway, theme or not!!!

After our little video I got our my magic bag and we guessed what could be inside.  We listened for clues, does it make noise (we had some yes & some no's), does it smell (again... yes & no's).  We shook it, we felt the outside, we squeezed it.  Finally, I let them put their hands inside and feel what was in there.  Was it soft? Hard? Before looking inside, we took another guess... the first guess, Socks?? and every guess after, Socks!!!  So, finally I let them take one out....


We sang some mitten songs...

And played "Match the Mitten"
We LOVE mittens!!!

Around the room we had some BLUE paint out for the kids to explore.  One was even sparkly... sparkles make everything more fun!!!

There was all sorts of tools to try

This is how Lil Bit looked when she started....
Um... if you look at those arms you can tell how much fun she had!!!

Yup, he tasted it!!!

Scamp loved the paint, but hated the smock.
The sand table was open today

Scamp had fun emptying this box of cars and putting them back in again...

Books are always a favorite

I moved things around a little over the weekend.  These photos aren't the best, and I can't believe I don't have any before photos.  

I bought the leaf awning from IKEA... the kids love it, but they try to grab at it and pull it down.
Why do kids have to do that???

This is the house keeping area.  I want to purchase a bigger kitchen set.   I know they would love to have a refrigerator, we'll save for that.  The kids have been busy moving everything around and they love to take the baskets from the shelf and use them to transport their creations all over the room.

 The sand/sensory area

This is a view from my front door.  The housekeeping and book nook are  behind me to the left.   The little table is for markers and coloring right now.  It will also serve for writing and manipulatives.  Behind the post is the art area.  Sorry, no photo of that one, I must have gotten distracted by something (or more likely someone).

The "classroom" is still a work in progress.  More organizing and rotation of the toys.  We will get there one day.  Hopefully before June :)

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