Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orange is Everywhere!!

Orange is a great color!!  I didn't think we'd find so much of it everywhere.  Sprout even found a shirt that was Orange!!  Scamp found some awesome Halloween socks that had Orange on them, and Lil Bit had the cutest little Orange painted fingernails I'd ever seen!!!  Everyone found something to bring in and Show-n-Tell with.  Some of the items even started with Cc!!  A win-win for everyone!!!

Roo brought in this cute Microscope, that she shared with EVERYONE!!!

Look at those wee fingernails!!!  I love it!!!
Lil Bit also brought in this Learning Leap Frog...
you can't really see it, but he has an Orange outfit on :)

We mixed all our colored pasta together and played.
They filled and dumped all morning

Little Man was the King for the Day!!!

"Hey, I'm the Queen for the Day!!!

We had Orange flavored Cupcakes today, and you can't have cupcakes without reading If You Give A Cat A Cupcake by Laura Numeroff.  Thankfully we didn't have to act this one out :)

After snack we had the Orange Rice Table, Pasta Fun, and Necklace Making out for the kids to explore.  The necklace making was lots of fun, and didn't prove to be to hard for the little fingers that choose to have a go at it.

"Don't I look like a Princess??"
"I did it Shell!!"
"Oh Yeah, I got this!!"
(He would get the needle in, every time!! But then would let go with both hands instead of pushing it all the way through... to funny)
"What is that!!!"
There was no real messy art today, but being outside was better anyway.  Who know's how long this weather will last, we need to take advantage of every possible warm and dry moment!!!

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