Friday, January 20, 2012

Tape Resist Painting

Last night I was wandering around cyberspace looking for something special to end our BLUE week with.  I came across a wonderful blog, Make+Believe.  Megan Schiller is the author and she runs amazing art classes for young children.  If you live in or near Mill Valley, California and have young children, I would look her up and sign your child up for a class or two.  

Anyway, I came across her post, Tape Resist Painting, and knew this was it.  What a great way to end the week.  Not only getting messy, but we used the first letter in each persons name, so it was personal.  It was like magic.  We even got to use BLUE painters tape, regular blue paint and sparkly blue paint... the kids loved it!!!  Next time I would probably add a little blue sand to give it a little more texture, but I'm learning.

Starting off with the white paper made the letter really stand out...

Yet, when you added the blue paint it all blended together, you could forget all about that silly letter... 

and focus on the work at hand!!!

We started just with finger painting, but quickly added the tools we used earlier in the week, plus a few more.

It took Little Man a few minutes to get going, but he really got into it today.

I love this photo...
Sprout is making her race cars dance :)

Now they are "dancing" on her paper...
making special designs.  

Scamp enjoyed the tools a lot today.

Everything was like new to her...

She touched, swung around, pounded, pushed, smelled, and even tasted

When Scamp watched me take the tape off,
 she swung her head toward me, with raised brows...
It was like she was surprised by what was under all that paint.

Thank You Megan for the great idea!!!  We had so much fun!!!

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