Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Morning Out

I haven't been to the library in a very, very long time!!  Our library went through a time where they cut some programs and I had a bad experience at a story time with my childcare kids, so we didn't visit often.  Well, it's been almost 2 years since I brought my childcare back and I am sorry I haven't gotten there sooner.  The new Librarian was amazing, welcoming, and understanding, not just of us, but of ALL the Moms & Dads of young children.  We went to a 2-3yr old story time and it was amazing!!  The kids loved it.  There was dancing, singing, and of course story reading.  The books were all quick, engaging and funny.  It was a fun time!!  We also went on our Orange Finding Field Trip through the children's library and found some great Orange Things!!


This could have been the highlight of the morning :)

An ORANGE book


This ORANGE bow held together a piece of a beautiful little hanging quilt

ORANGE beads...
All at the LIBRARY!!!

These are not quiet toys, so you know the Librarians had to be  great!!

Working together

Wow... so much to see and do

Shakin Eggs during a song... I'm not sure they were comfortable getting up and moving during the story time... it was interesting.

But we still got into it!!

Leaving with some books!!!
What a great time at the Library... we will definitely be back!!!

Now the library is fun, but we all knew we couldn't run, jump, climb, or yell when we are there.  So, what would be a better way to finish off our morning but with a trip to the park!!!

We are all very hungry after our trip to the library... so we started off with snack!!!


Playing Peek-a-Boo

"Shell, I'm stuck!!"

I see you!!!

Hanging from the ladder is another totally favorite thing to do!!!

"I don't want to go!!"
 What a great morning... the kids really enjoyed both the library and the park.  This weather makes me yearn for Springtime when we can do this more often.  We will enjoy it while it is here and hopefully Spring will come sooner than later :)

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  1. Have been to that library many times. It is Lil Bit's big sister's favorite place to go! Well, maybe Discovery Place Kids has taken #1 now. Once gave her a choice-bowling or library--she took the "libary". The pic of the elevator made me laugh-one visit I turned around only to see the elevator doors closing with O grinning from ear to ear. Had to take the steps two at a time to beat the elevator to the next floor! Can't wait to make fun memories with LilBit there. Thanks again for sharing ur fun pics & days with us-I love it!
    LilBit's Grammy