Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pete the Cat is a hit at my house!!  Not only have we been singing the song, talking about the song, and reading the book (over and over) we decided to make some "shoe prints" with bubble wrap.  We guessed what might be under Pete's shoe when he walked over the Strawberry Pile and the result was...

Ok so this isn't about Pete the Cat, but look at that smile... Scamp just opened the door with the cow behind it and not knowing I was behind her I "Mooed."  She thought that was pretty funny!!
We did it another 15 times...  :)


  1. That's what I love about little kids--you can do something 15 times...and the 15th time is still as funny as the very first time you did it! It's such a blessing to see the world through their eyes.
    LB's Grammy

  2. It's also a blessing that they can come to you to do the sloppiest, messiest-most fun things little kids love to do. And they DO love those ooey, gooey the messier the better things don't they?!!

    LB Grammy