Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orange You Having Fun??

I have always said, "Having a Silly Provider makes everything more fun!" even when said provider comes up with a silly title to a post :)

So... we used our bright orange rice in the sensory table today.  I haven't seen this much action at the sensory table in a long time.  I don't know if it was the color that engaged the kids or the texture of the rice, sound of the rice on the different equipment or maybe just because they were excited it wasn't sand :) but whatever the reason.... they LOVED it!!!

I also introduced the letter Cc today in Circle Time!!  What better way to celebrate the letter Cc than making a Crown!!!  Tomorrow, after they have all dried, we will put them on for our Orange Finding Field Trip!!!  You can always find the color Orange with a Crown on your head!!!

"Cheese, now can I PLEASE get back to painting!!"

Scamp wasn't feeling 100% today, but she still gave painting a try

The jewels made her a little happier!!!

I made up this little activity this morning.
The kids loved Circling the C's with Orange crayon.
(I know, it doesn't make much sense... but we laughed)

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