Friday, January 13, 2012

Teddy Bear Day

Our Teddy Bears were pretty active today, considering they should be hibernating right now.  Try as I might, I couldn't get this crew to "hibernate" today :)  Instead, I called Teddy Bears to come up to the Circle Time Center to help us count and do our daily activities... we thought that was pretty darn silly.  

Scamp didn't think her Teddy Bear, Sherbert, was up to the challenge of counting... 

But she sure was!!!

After Circle Time we took our Teddy Bears to have a bit of tea... 

My lion is ready Shell!!

We even tried to fill our Bears up before they had to go hibernate again :)

A little "tea" for my friends!!!
(I need to invest in some real china tea cups and plates... I think it would be fun)

After we had our fill of the tea, we got zipped, bundled, and cozy'd up and off to the park we went to celebrate our friend Big Man's 2nd Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Big Man!!!

"What's going on??"


I got this!!!

With slippery shoes, these two tried to get up the slide.
Every time they slipped and slid they would laugh and giggle!!
What a nice Teddy Bear Week we had!!  We read lots and lots of books about Bears (thanks to all my families that sent in bear books to share!!), we learned about the color YELLOW, explored the number 3 and even had fun with the letter Aa!!  I know next week will be as much fun when we explore a mini-unit on Mittens!!!

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