Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teddy Bear Parade

Today we had some silly, mixed berry muffins.  Why are muffins silly??  Ours are silly because they had feet and if that isn't silly enough, I must have put to much muffin mix in each container because they rose up and over the sides... Now that's SILLY!!!  We talked about the different color holders we had and who were the ones who got the Yellow ones... Scamp had one and she would not let it go :)  



At Circle today we read Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (thanks Little Man's Mama!!) and Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury & Michael Rosen!!  I thought the kids would like the Bear Hunt book a lot, but they didn't get into it.  They did, however, love pretending their Teddy Bears were snoring like the Big, Brown Bear did in the book Bear Snores On.  It was pretty noisy!!

We then took our Teddy Bears on a Teddy Bear Parade around the neighborhood.  They loved it!!  Those Bears had the time of their lives, they not only got to see the neighborhood, but they even got to get piggy back rides, and see the Nature Area.  Fun Times!!

I think my bear likes the forest!!!

I'm going to protect my bear from the animals
(I'm guessing  her friends? :) )

Scamp got to walk part of the way on our Teddy Bear Parade.
It is her first time walking with the big kids, and she thought she was something else!!

Bring Up the back of our parade

Teaching our Bears to "walk" and giving a tired Bear a ride

Is that to cute or what!!!
After being cooped up inside the last few days, it was really great to be able to get outside and not only enjoy the sunshine, but get rid of all that pent up energy.  There was running, singing, hopping, walking backwards, seeing the sights and having lots of fun!!

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