Thursday, January 5, 2012

OH NO!!!

"OH NO!!"  That is what I have been hearing all week.  You see, every time Pete the Cat steps into something they say "On No!!" and then tells what he steps into.  My kids love it.  They love the look on my face and have been copying it all week.  In the beginning I wasn't sure if they realized that Pete the Cat didn't mind stepping into the different piles of strawberries, blueberries, mud and water... but every time I would ask if he cried, they would shake their heads wildly and say, "Goodness NO!!"  I love it!!!

Scamp and Lil Bit saying, "Oh NO!!"

We played Pin the Shoe on Pete the Cat
Loads of Fun!!!
Even the little ones loved it!!

Scamp liked the "blind fold" but didn't want to spin with it on, but if I took it off she wanted to spin.

We then completed a little Pete the Cat book... very cute, you can find it here.
I found both of these activities through the blog, Doodle Bugs Teaching...
I loved this blog, it had a lot of great information, ideas and links!!!

"Hey, I may only be 1, but I can color with the best of them!!"

Ok, I did have a barrette in her hair, but what can you do... she is only 1 after all :)


Enjoying the wonderful balmy weather :)


Sprout found some ice in a bucket and wanted to show me her "snowball."
We decided it was a hairy ice man, since all the pine needles got frozen into it.

Another wonderful morning... I am glad the weather isn't so bitterly cold and we could get out.  The kids ran, yelled, climbed, pushed, yelled, spun, swung, yelled, and dug for over an hour this morning.  It got out a lot of that pent up energy we have been storing the last couple of days.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

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