Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teddy Bears and a Race Car

Today has been a very unusual day for us.  There was a lot going on outside our doors and it was hard for any of us to concentrate on what was going on inside.  We did manage to get through our Circle Time, introduce our Bear Cave (a tent), and then look through and choose a special Bear from Miss Michelle's stash.  Well, it was my boys stash, but they were willing to share!!

Playing Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear was a huge hit, again!!
This time we had our Teddy Bears to help us, so it was even more fun!!

"What's next Shell??"

Look at those smiles!!

Having a silly teacher is always so much fun!!!
So what's going on out there??
They were shooting a Dt. Mt Dew commercial, of course!!!

It was great fun to watch a commercial be filmed.  I can't believe what goes into such a short commercial.  The amount of people was unbelievable to see.  The amount of work to get the house (next door) ready to shoot was exhausting to watch.  Yesterday, in the rain, 2 gentlemen were out there for 6 hours painstakingly twisting fake silk leaves onto the trees.  Wow!!  Today we got to watch how it all gets done.  They start very, very early in the morning.  The noise woke me up around 4am, banging, dogs barking, and diesel trucks.  When the sun started to rise, we got to see the number 88 car being rolled off the truck and begin it's set up.  Lots of tinkering, people milling around, photos being taken, neighbors watching.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids would hear the roar of the race car and no matter what we were doing they would all run to the window to see what was happening.  When it finally was over, they were disappointed that it left. It was a great experience.


  1. Did you ask them if they needed "extras"--five little extras with teddy bears!--for the shoot? How cute would that be--the kids all hanging out the windows! And you drinking Mt.Dew to keep your energy up. I shoulda been there to direct, HA!!!
    LBs Grammy

  2. Cute idea, Mom!
    LB's mom

    I'm glad they had such an exciting day!

  3. Funny you should say the kids should be in the commercial... at one point we were asked to shut the front door because the kids kept pressing their faces against the door window and making it into their shoot :) Very funny!!!
    Just thinking about the kids hanging out the window, doesn't seem so far fetched does it :)