Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Is Wearing Red??

Today was RED day.  I asked everyone to wear Red today, somewhere in their clothing, hair, socks, etc.  We had a GREAT turnout!!  Everyone, including Miss Michelle wore something RED!!  Of course my camera conked out when I was trying to get pictures of everyone, so we missed quite a few things from our day.  I will never learn, I knew the battery was dying last night, I should have just put the battery up to charge when I thought about it.  

Little Man found my son's batting gloves, although they weren't red,  they went very well with his RED Shirt!!!

This has got to be the cutest Minnie Mouse outfit I have every seen!!!
Scamp also found a red cloth bag she carried around all morning, that matched her outfit beautifully!!

We also had a RED parade, played some color matching games, counted all the red that our friends were wearing, and last but not least, we watched this YouTube video of the Author, Eric Litwin, tell the story of Pete the Cat!!!

I couldn't help but put the photos from below on today, they kids love playing on & in the slides, but the cost of that is the static... both in our hair and, occasionally, when we touch each other.  The ZAP we get is always a surprise, but the hair is something we have come to expect, though today Scamp & Sprout's hair was everywhere!!  I am glad my camera was working for these!!

Next week we will resume our WINTER theme, but I am sure Pete the Cat will work his way into our day somehow.

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  1. Cute post - love their hair!

    Thank you for commenting on my Sticky Board post today, too. Have a great day!