Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Ready

I emptied out the playroom for our Holiday Program and it stood empty for the last 2 weeks. Well, not really empty, but I took out all the shelves and material to make room for the chairs and "stage" for the program. Over the last few days I started bringing everything back in and took the time to change things up. I am one of those teachers that need to move everything around every few weeks to every few months. I love the change and the kids like to come in after the long break or even a weekend and explore. It gives us a chance to relearn the rules and practice using our materials again after a break.

I took some pictures, but of course I can't get my upload to work. I got a new camera for Christmas and I guess the software wasn't installed correctly. Oh well... I will get my husband to look at it and hopefully he will get it to work. If not, I will go back to my old camera. Which works fine with the computer.

I am sorry to see this quiet week end, but I am looking forward to getting back into our routine. We are starting our Animal Theme this month, with Pond Life starting this week. Can you say Tadpoles, Frogs, Fish, Lily Pads, and Algae... because that is what we will immerse ourselves in this week. We have some cute activities to reinforce our colors, numbers, and alphabet. I would love to recreate a pond here in the house... still looking on-line for some doable ideas. I have to make sure everything is safe... so standing water in the house... well, I don't thing my registrar would like that or find it very safe... no matter how I enclosed it :)

We will have a great week pond or not... just getting back together, reading, playing, & learning... that's what it's all about. The other stuff is just icing on the cake :) Have a great week!!! Look forward to reading about how everyone else is doing!!!


  1. I usually just set up a nice muddy pond every year in my sensory table. Would that work for you?

    Anyway, have a great first week back. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Hey, I was just going to say the same as Teacher Tom...can you set it up in the water table?
    The kids had a blast here last summer with some minnows in a bin. Check out the July 16 post on my old blog:

  3. Great Idea!! Why I didn't think of that... who knows, to much down time I guess. My brain isn't with it yet!! I'm going out to get the dirt now!!