Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alphabet to Birthdays

Yesterday I went to the Mailbox Teachers Store... oh what fun!! I bought a lot of great things that really inspired me. Last night I took that inspiration and put together some new work for the kids. I set up the Baby Washing area, some Transferring Activities for the littler kids, and set out a File Folder game I thought they would enjoy. I also set up a popcorn kernel mystery bowl, where the kids can find numbers and match it to the numbers on a paper in front of it. (I think they really enjoyed the sensory experience more than the activity itself)

We had a great morning, but having toddlers in the playroom is always an experience. They loved the transferring activities... but we spent a lot of time picking up beans, popcorn kernels, and flour (from the sensory table). A nice fine motor activity I hadn't planned on :)

This is a Upper Case/Lower Case Alphabet Matching Game... the boys were the only ones to try it and it took them a while to match all the pairs. (Note to self: I think I will only put maybe 10 pairs out tomorrow)

The Flour Sensory Table was still a hit today. I had to dump last weeks, as the dog got into it and ate most of it over the weekend... YUCK!! Why do dogs eat such awful things???

We learned about Penguins at Circle Time and the kids pretended the flour was snow and ice today. I think we will put a larger piece of ice in there towards the end of the week, so they can see what happens and have real ice for their Penguins and Polar Bears (Thursday's Activity) to play on.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Setting up a Birthday Celebration for Sydney!! We bought the Melissa & Doug Birthday Cake Set a while back and it came in handy today. Birthday's are ALWAYS a hot topic at daycare, so when one actually roles around the kids get pretty excited!!

We made Confetti Cupcakes and will frost and decorate them when Shell's kids get home from school. Picture tomorrow of that :)

Okay, we know it is upside down, but she doesn't seem to care :) We all have to start somewhere!!

Look at me... there is so much flour on the ground we feel like we are ice skating on the hardwood.

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  1. Thought I left a comment here...but now I'm not seeing it. Wonder where it ended up?!? Anyways, I was wondering about the cake set. I'm getting the same one for our birthday party prop box, and I was wondering if the kids like it. And maybe even more importantly, what do you think of it?