Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day

It's Wednesday!! The dreaded middle of the week... can we get through to Friday??

Today was a great day... Our morning started out pretty slow, we had built forts, made play-doh, played in the sensory table, and gotten out all the books before 10am... I thought what else are we going to do??? I knew we had Circle Time to still do and I wanted to change out some emergent reader books with some of the kids, but I knew that wasn't going to take the whole morning... but after I introduced the Snowman project at the art table... I didn't realize that it was noon by the time we were finished... HUH...

This was our fort this morning... and there is Ryan hiding inside. The boys pretty much played here with their 4-wheelers and pretending to be Monster Truck Drivers.

The Princess enjoyed helping to make the play-doh... they never get tired of it and they love how it comes out warm :)

I always have open-ended art opportunities out for the kids, but when I showed them the table of play-doh with odds and ends to make a snow man, they kept asking me how, what do I want them to do. It only took one or two times of saying, "Anything you want to do" or "This is your Snowman, you can make him into anything you want." They then went to town and didn't stop for an hour. They walked away and came back many, many times.

Little Miss M was having a ball today... she jumped right into the flour sensory table (and Yes the idea for the sensory table came from Lisa Murphy's website... Ooey Gooey... an inspiration for me!! I studied those photo's of hers until I thought I could make one myself. Little did I know if I had just punched in PVC Sensory Table I would have gotten actual plans online... live and learn)

Anyway... Little Miss M got a lot of fine motor skill practice today, sensory fun, and even some cause and effect... the taste of homemade play-doh is very salty... YUCK!!

I love this photo... that little hand... so sweet and learning so much all the time

Sydney loves scissors and she has been practicing all the time... she loves this activity because she can just scrunch the play-doh back together and start again. She hates the fine motor activity of cutting paper into bits and then putting it into a bowl or bag. She loves to cut, and the draw of doing the cutting is so overwhelming, she does it... then walks away. So, she and I usually do the picking up part together :) But this activity is right up her alley... Cut, scrunch, cut, scrunch... LOVE IT!!!

Here we are cleaning the table after we were done... another fun and great activity. We scrubbed, rinsed, scrubbed, dumped and scrubbed and rinsed some more.

We had a great morning... we learned so much just by being today. We talked about the day, we sang the days of the week song while we worked, we measured, mixed, problem solved, socialized, and read books... just a few things from our Hump Day. Who says Wednesdays can't be fun :)
**Moms & Dads... Remember there will be no Childcare on Monday, January 18th!! We will be closed in Honor of Martin Luther King Day**


  1. Looks like you are off to a great year! I love all the ideas we share, let's keep it up, I need inspiration...what I really need, is SPRING TIME!!!

  2. Homemade Playdoh - I need to do that more often. You're my hero!

  3. Great many great ideas!! Thanks. I also wanted to tell you that the trays I used for my salty snow prints I found at a garage sale. I'm always on the look out for cheep and easy things to use for kids!! Cookie sheets would work too! Thanks for your comment!!