Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Fun

This morning we continued with our P activities. We learned more about Penguins by watching a small part of March of the Penguins. We decided on the part about how the Mommy's have the egg (not to much detail here :) ) and how they transfer the baby egg's to the Daddy's while the Mommy's go get food. We talked about how we thought they did that, how their bodies could keep their babies warm in that cold, icy place and how the Mommy's and Daddy's stayed warm. Tomorrow we will put ice in the sensory table (yes, with the flour, hmmm... what might happen??) and we will use old gloves/mittens to keep our hands warm (if they want to) and we will also have a experiment with the Crisco and ice water to show the kids that the Penguins have a special layer of fat to help keep them warm. So, Mom's & Dad's send the kids in Messy Clothes again!!!!

We also did some assessments for my preschoolers... mostly on numbers and I introduced another work tray onto the shelves.

This little lady got to visit today and I promise she had a much better time than what her expression seems like. She played with her friends and got to learn about Penguins too.

My friend here also was visiting today and he absolutely loved the sensory table. He played in there for quite a while and enjoyed the sensory experience on his hands. If you notice, some new and interesting things have shown up in the sensory table... we have used pretty much every imaginable toy in there. Right before this photo I had to take out about 12 Monster Trucks as there wasn't room for anything else in there, including our hands :)

This toys I have seen on a few Montessori Blogs, which I can't seem to find right now of course. When I say it, I thought how fun that must be!! I bought mine from Oriental Trading Company for a decent price. I wasn't sure how it would hold up since the price was pretty low, but it has help up to my own children first and now I have introduced it to the daycare. I must say it was a little tricky at first for them. They had to hold the itty bitty "nails" and put them into these minuscule holes and then push the "nail" in hard enough to stay up, then hammer. The hammer also had one flat side and one angled side and they would constantly use the angled side, which didn't work :) They really worked together to help one another, or some just kept at it until they figured it out.

Here the girls are helping one another and making a "Beautiful Moving Picture" as the Little Princess told me. (the shapes spin after you hammer them in)

This is my favorite picture today!! (And it doesn't have anything to do with him being my son) The kids LOVE to play "Kitty's." They take these little beanie kitty's and use them for everything. They themselves also become kitty's on a lot of occasions. The Kitty's also are a coveted sleepy time companion... so when I went to check on the kids sleeping today I found this...

I thought it was soooooo cute and am wondering Why they were on his face... Gotta love the mind of a 4 yr old.

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