Monday, January 11, 2010

A Great Start to A Great Week

We have started a new week and I think it has gotten off to a great start!! It is Muffin Tin Monday. If you don't know what that is you can link over to Her Cup Overfloweth and read all about it, as well as some other great ideas she has. As you can see we had: Strawberries & Blueberries, Bologna, Salad, Crackers, and Cheese. We have some S foods in there and the kids were able to pick them our while they were eating.

This morning at circle I introduced the letter "S" for Snake. We will continue with our Pond/Animal Theme again this week and we decided that a Snake would go nicely with that theme. We also decided that at the art table we would make snakes... hum... but we decided it couldn't be just a boring old snake, it had to be a Slithery Snake, No... a Slithery Slimy Snake... Yes... What about a Slithery Slimy Squiggly Snake... Now we're on a role... We loved coming up with great S words to describe our Snake. When it was all through, Sydney decided her Snake would be best Cut into Little Tiny Pieces :)

Here is our Princess who decided to make a Snake that was "Sixty Hundred Times Big."
"It's the Silliest Long Snake Ever!!"

This is B's Snake... he wanted to have him slithering down the pond... that's why he looks upside down. He is prowling for frogs to eat :)
As you can see The Princess' snake Squirms all around the pond... not even noticing the frogs. But, B's Snake is Sneaking up on those frogs below and will Snatch one right up :) (At least that's what B said)

Here are those poor frogs... just waiting to be eaten :) We made them last week when we started our Pond Theme.

Here is an activity that the kids seem to have taken to. They are the Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Doll Sets. I bought some at a consignment sale and a parent just gave me some more. We now have quite an assortment and the kids can make some pretty crazy ballerinas and firemen. They are having fun with them.
We also did some review of our past letters and numbers, we did some center work with Shapes and I added some games to the Math Center. The Sand Studio, Blocks, Art Table, and Magnetic Dolls still seem to be the most popular today, but we will continue to make the Math and Science Centers as Open Ended as possible. They really do like that style of learning better.
Have a Great Day!!!

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  1. I love the frogs - I hope you don't mind but if you are still learning about frogs, check out this little song:) Start off with one little frog then keep adding until everyone is hopping! My latest song is about going fishing. I think you might like it too!