Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Balmy Kind of Day

I know it is snowing in a lot of places right now across the US, but today, here in NC we had a temperature of 57. It was sunny and comfortable. So we did a quick Circle Time, and headed outside to play. The kids got to run, they played Monster Tag, and the most fun of all, of course, was the MUD!!! They found lots of water in buckets and toys left over from the rain we had, found an old spoon in the play house, and they were off!!! They had to transfer some water from across the playground and got messy and muddy. They worked together, problem solved, negotiated, and enjoyed their time outside!!!

During Free Play this morning we found this... it is marker on our Beloved Sand Studio. We know who did it, we talked about it, and tried to clean it... but to no avail. The marker seeped into the cracks in the wood and it seems to be there for good. I thought we were through with the coloring on toys, walls, etc... but I guess not. I hate to have to put our markers and paint up where they have to ask for it again, but I don't know what else to do. This wasn't done by Little Miss M.

I guess I am upset because being a Small Home Childcare Provider it sometimes takes me months to save enough money to get a new item for the daycare. I know these things happen, I even expect and brace myself for it. Yet our Sand Studio can't be painted over, the goo gone won't work, and the marks will have to stay on there... and seeing it on there may lead other children to think it MIGHT be okay to scribble on toys, and at least try it.

So today was a 2 step back kinda day... I hope tomorrow will be a giant leap forward kinda day!! It is Jammie Day tomorrow... Cold weather will be coming back, we will enjoy a picnic in the living room and talk more about the Groundhog... all in our Jammies!!!


  1. Have you tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? One took scribbled Sharpie off of wallpaper once here.

  2. Thanks Bev... I didn't think about that, I will definitely try it :)