Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Today we did some open ended learning. I set out the play dough, some alphabet learning mats, lots of blankets for building, and as always all the centers were open to use. We reviewed our rules about how to use our materials appropriately and then spent the morning practicing. The play dough got a lot of use, dress-up was very popular, and the reading corner got a lot of traffic. The kids also took to the steps for a different reading experience.

(Yup, it's upside down again, but she is soooo cute trying to be like the big girls)

If you didn't notice by the pictures... Today was Jammie Day!! We pretended that it was a snowy, cold day and, after all our free play, we arranged a Snack Picnic of Milk and Peanut Butter Cookies. Some friends came by and Thankfully they did because they brought The Little Mermaid... which was a HUGE hit!! What a Great Start to the Weekend.
We are in for that winter storm that has hit so many states, and believe it or not I am actually excited to be "snowed" in tomorrow!! We can have some much needed family time!! We can crack out the board games, hit the switch for the fireplace :) and enjoy the weather. Have a Great Weekend!!!

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