Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Fun

Snow!! OK not really, it was just flour in the sensory table... but for a little while we pretended it was snow :)

These 2 boys played in that table for almost 2 hrs. At 8:30 this morning they started out with the regular sifting, dumping, piling, etc... but it turned into endless possibilities when I told them it was snow.

You see, I was going to make Slime. I told the kids they could play in the flour like it was until our friends came over to play, and they didn't want me to make it wet and slimy... I said, "But it won't be SLIME then." They laughed and said they didn't care... that is when I said, "Well, it must be SNOW!!" "YEAH!!!" Then the animals, cars and little people all came out of hibernation and started playing in the "Snow" Thankfully no one else really wanted a turn at the sensory table because these 2 guys were having none of the sharing thing. :)

This is the start of it all....

(sorry the pictures came up in the wrong order... no worries though, I know you can tell what's going on)

These 2 finally got to have a turn... Yes, she is falling off the chair. She knows she wants to be like the big kids and sit in the chair while she plays, she just forgets to push it in. She didn't actually fall, she is pretty quick and got her feet down in time. We moved her chair closer, but then she couldn't reach... what a dilemma.

She finally just stood on her tippy toes and played... she did a great job too, no flour in her mouth :)

We also had the Snake Table going again since we had friends over to play. They wanted a chance to make a Slithery Slimy Squiggly Stinky Snake too!!!
Glue... what fun :)
We also sang a snake song:
1 little, 2 little, 3 little Snakes
4 little, 5 little, 6 little Snakes
7 little, 8 little, 9 little Snakes
*Slithering across the pond, then
*Soaking in the Sun, then
*Sliding down the hill, then
*Smelling Emily's Toes, then
of course Smelling EVERYONE'S Toes!!!
We had loads of fun with that song!!
We also sang a song, One Green Frog Went Hop, Hop, Hop... that Deborah Stewart from Little Fingers That Play & Excellence in Early Childhood Education mentioned that we may like, about Frogs!! It was great and I hope to get it on video so we can show just how much we liked it. It's hard when your a lone, you can't always get the things you want. If our friends come over again hopefully we can get it captured on digital :) THANKS DEBORAH!!!!
We also had Slimy Snakes for lunch (spaghetti w/butter) which is always fun... we had to capture those Slimy Snakes before they Slithered down our backs :)
We had OUTSIDE time today!!! It was warm enough that we actually got to go outside for more than 5 minutes. We ran, swung, slithered like snakes, raced cars, & just ran and played... it was time and we were very happy for the outlet!!!


  1. cute! I love your sensory table. Did you make it? Lisa Murphy? :)

  2. Great sensory idea! I love how you followed the kids interest.

  3. Love the flour play, we have a rice tub but I have never ventured to flour with a sensory table before, looks like such fun.