Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sparkly, Shimmery, Shiny

Starting our day with Breakfast of Bagels, Cream Cheese, and a little independence!! I love that the kids can help me make breakfast, lunch, & snack. It definitely takes longer, and sometimes the messes don't quite seem worth it, but it is worth it. The kids really love it and it gives them the confidence they need to try new things and to be more independent.

We worked on our Sparkly Fish today. We read the book, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, I know it is about a R... rainbow fish... but he is so sparkly, shimmery, scaly, swimmy, splashy... you get it. It also tied into the what we have been talking about MLK Day... sharing, loving, happiness, we all are the same, etc...

We were very proud of our fish... "Mom, I can't wait for him to swim in the pond"

Glue!!! We love glue... they have come a long way. They used to be so worried their little fingers would be too sticky this way. They would want a brush or the container to put the tissue paper on... I found that this suited their needs best... they got used to the stickiness (plus learned the art of peeling dried glue from their fingers... Yeah!!) and they could refill their dish as much as they wanted, which is always a joy!!

This is Little Miss M's finished Fish... she wanted to use the glue like paint and got very frustrated with the whole stickiness of it all.

Here is she getting a little annoyed... but she did great!! And all that stickiness leads to what.... Yup, washing our hands!!!

I love the way she has to tippy toe to get to the water. This is a beloved activity for her and we "need" to wash our hands a lot during the day. Winter months make our hands really dry here!!

I love our bathroom set up... My Dad bought us the enMotion hands free towel dispenser. Which surprisingly was very inexpensive... they get you when you order the towels. The dispenser was $15 or so... but the case (6 rolls) of towels were $80... but it is worth it. The kids love it, I love it and the spread of germs from the towels we used to have is gone :) A win, win, win situation!!!

This little lady is way ahead of her time!!! She has got it all covered... believe it or not she can tear it off by herself and everything :)

Ok, seeing a pattern.... Little Miss M was quite cute today... she loves getting in the cubbies. So, I had to get it.


Lunch today was an idea we got from Little Miss M's Mom!! Thanks Dana!!! It was a PB & J pinwheel!! Miss M brought them in one day and the kids interest was peaked... the next time Miss M brought extras to share... a tease :) I had to make them for the kids today... Tip though, if you want to have these for lunch, either make them a day ahead of time, or early in the morning. They are eaten very, very quickly and the kids want more and more. They made the pinwheels today with me, and they each made 1, while I made some back ups... Yeah Right... I couldn't keep up with the demand.
To make:
1. Cut the crust off bread
2. Use rolling pin to flatten the bread... go to town... the thinner the better to roll
3. Spread the jelly on 1/2 of the bread (the part closest to you) and PB on the other 1/2
4. Roll and cut... another Tip (from Dana, and I agree!!!) use a REALLY sharp knife to cut. You will have to do the cutting part, we tried to use a serrated plastic knife so the kids could do themselves... No Go :(
5. ENJOY!!!
Another Happy Busy Day!!!

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  1. What an amazingly independent little girl. I love how you've documented her day.