Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Few Holiday Program Photos

Here are some photos from our Christmas Program. The kids really looked great. I don't know if you can see back behind the kids, the little house, it was made for me by one of the families. It was the center of their life for a while there... and it really is beautiful!! I love it and it will be something that I keep with me for my career... whether here at the house or if I ever go into a classroom again.
The empty seat next to Ryan is where my one little guy got up and went to sit with Mom. I was happy that it was only 1 this year. Last year it was 2 and it got pretty lonely up there for the rest of the kids. I was impressed that the rest had such a good time and sang their little hearts out.


  1. Hee hee hee, they're incredible!

  2. What a great Christmas program you put together. I know I enjoyed every minute of it and was so thrilled to see Sydney participate with such enthusiam!! (unlike like last year when she chickened out).

    Your the greateat Michelle and will always be in our families heart!! Thank you for all that you do!! We love and appreciate you!!!

  3. The children look adorable and like they are have so much fun! I just love Christmas programs in preschool.