Friday, January 15, 2010

Slime Day

I can't believe it is Friday!! We have had a lot of fun working with the letter S, learning about Animals we would find in a Pond, counting, reviewing and experimenting!!

Today we finally made Slime!!! We were going to make a make-shift version on Monday with Flour and Water... but the kids really had and are having a blast with the flour as it is, so we decided not to do that. Even the School Age Kids are loving the flour table :) So, I asked some teacher friends of mine if they knew the real recipe for Slime and The Princess's Mom told me Borax and Glue... Ok... I can do that!! She didn't know the exact recipe so I went online (gotta love the Internet) and found a whole bunch of recipes... I followed this one. I liked it because it said to but the mixture in a ziplock bag and let the kids knead it. They loved it. It took about 10 minutes to knead it to perfection, and we had to help towards the end, but it wasn't to bad.

Tip: Use a real ziplock bag and not the zipper kind as the area at the end, where it closes, leaked :) Little Miss M wanted to do it and when I gave it to her she did a great job, but it started to come out at that one spot so we had to stop.

Here is a picture of the ingredients and of Ryan combining them. They enjoyed the fun of measuring and mixing... It was really neat to see the glue quickly turn solid, but not solid. (Is there a technical name for that??)

Here we are kneading the mixture... They used their observation and prediction skills to tell me what was happening... Some could figure out it was getting thicker, others just wanted to play with it as soon as possible.

We all loved looking at the Slime... again we used our observation skills... before we touched it... we thought it might be wet, cold, slimy (of course), bumpy, squishy, and slippery. We have been using a lot of descriptive S words this week and it is really great to hear them being used :)

Finally we get to dive in and touch the stuff we made... they confirmed that indeed it was definitely cold, slippery, squishy and SLIMY!!! They continued to play with it and experiment with it. Would it keep the shape of their hand? Would it ever warm up?? How about cutting, could we cut it??

I wish I could post all my photos, but I would have to many. I want to show everything we do, but there isn't always room. Instead... we also had calendar, show-in-tell, circle time, singing, counting and free play. We then got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is finally getting back up to the upper 50's and it feels great. I miss the snow, but we were getting antsy to go back outside :)

We found this ice left over from our cold spell... the kids had fun trying to get it to move, come out of the turtle, and trying to break it into pieces... That is what it looked like when we went back inside... so we didn't get to far. We did predict that it would be melted by Tuesday (we have off on Monday)... so we will have to see. We put the top on the turtle and I will have to make sure my own children don't get into it... but we'll see, they can be pretty crafty boys :)


  1. I love the shadows on the tree picture!

  2. So, I have to know: are you saving your slime until Tuesday? I gets increasingly rubbery over time. We usually make a giant batch and use it all week. A few years ago one of my dads took it home and said his kids were playing with it 3 weeks later!

    It looks like you had a blast making it! It sounds like a great day of science.