Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow, We Did All That??

We are continuing with our Dental Health theme this whole week. We reread The ABC Dentist... Healthy Teeth from A to Z, by Harriet Ziefert, you can go to the Dental Health Week post to read more about it. Then we introduced Doctor De Soto, by William Steig. It was a funny book about a Mouse Dentist and his Assistant (his wife) who have decided to accept a Fox as a patient, against their better judgement. Well, they work on his sore tooth, which they had to pull out. They tell him to come back for a new tooth the next day, but they can't seem to get to sleep worrying about that Fox, who intends to eat them up after he gets his new tooth. Well, they are two very smart mice and they devise a plan to keep that Fox from eating them. I won't give the ending away... those of you who haven't read it, go get it from the library, it is very cute and funny. The kids loved the ending :)

After doing our calendar and reading our books, we broke off for Quiet Work. During that time I set out the red paint on the art table. We started a 2 day project. We are making a mouth, I got the idea here. You take a paper plate and fold it in half. You paint the inside red or pink and then glue packing peanutsor mini marshmallows on for the teeth. I loved the idea. We learned from the ABC Dentist book that little kids had 20 teeth, 10 up and 10 down. I thought it would be a great way to incorporate math with crafts!!! Then while I was popping around different blogs this weekend I found someone who took pink play dough, rolled it in a snake and glued it to the mouth. Then they stuck white navy beans in the play dough for teeth. So.... I decided to kind of mix the two. Today we started with a mini paper plate and painted it red. Tomorrow we will get the pink play dough out (we made that today also... photos to come tomorrow) and glue it on the the paper plate and push the 20 little "teeth" in to the dough. When it is all dry, we will fold it in half. I let you know how it goes.

We also changed the Oats out of the Sensory Table. I put in red rice, cups, sivs, and some sand toys... but the kids took it all out and played with their cars, monster trucks and just moved it around with their hands. HUH??

I also put out this Melissa & Doug shape pattern set. It is always a hit.

Some of our friends came to play and here is Nick playing in the sand table. I always try to have sand available to the kids. I think it can be a soothing kind of play. I can always find a child there throughout the day.

The Easel has been a huge hit and I have so many beautiful creations hanging on the dryer. We haven't gotten to the stage of actually painting pictures though, just a lot of combining of colors. It will come I'm sure. When they're ready :) For now I will just have lots of paper and a never ending supply of paint.

The girls had fun in the block corner today. They were able to build by themselves for quite awhile before the boys came and retook it over. Sorry girls. The boys get very loud in the block corner and the girls will gradually move away to another area where they can play house or kitty's in peace. I have tried to make the block area more appealing to the girls by placing some dolls from the doll house, My Pretty Pony's, and small Kitty's. It seems to have worked, they are gravitating to that area more often.

This is just a glimpse of our morning... we also danced to a song I found by accident on one of my CD's. It was all about brushing your teeth... it was in both English and Spanish!!! Loved it!! We danced around pretending to brush our teeth for, what seemed like to me, a VERY long time :) I will find out the name and post it, the CD is blank on the front, so I will have to look in the storage for a case.
Lunch today was Pizza (not homemade yet, but next week we plan on making the dough ourselves and creating an original Kozy Kids Pizza!! Can't wait.) We also had raw carrots with dip, bananas and grapes. Yum!!

Here is a little clip of Syd, who just turned 3, singing The Days of the Week Song... She was belting the song out but when she say me with the camera she got a little shy. So turn up your speakers if you want to hear her :) She has taken to spending a lot of time at the Circle Time Area pretending to be me, it is very cute and I am very honored :)
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  1. It sounds like you have had a busy day.

    My 4 ( almost 5 ) year old paintings are starting to " look like something" more than just color mixing. One thing that helped , I think, was I took away the chunky brushes and put smaller brushes out. I dont know if that is the answer. Some still just paint " rainbows" but others have given gotten more detailed.

    I have water inside every day and sand outside every day. I am considering putting sand as an inside option every day but I havent gotten brave enough. :)