Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dancing Lion

Today we continued our celebration of Chinese New Year!!

We read The Dancing Dragon, by Marcia Vaughan and Red is Dragon, by Roseanne Thong today. My Niece brought out a Dancing Lion marionette that she introduced to the children when we got to the Dancing Lion part in the Dancing Dragon book. She made the Lion swing and sway, which the children loved. We talked about how this Lion doesn't look like an actual Lion we made think of, but made observations about way that the Lions were similar.

After we finished our reading, we decided that it was time for our Chinese New Year Parade. Aunt Jackie taught us a special New Year song in English and Chinese to the tune of O My Darling Clementine. Then the Sleeping Dragon, who had awakened to dance with the children, led the parade around the house. The children got out their instruments again, and off we went singing Happy New Year in Chinese and English. Our Parade was led not only by the very special dragon, but our own very special Birthday Girl, the Little Princess.

On Parade!!!

After our Parade we gave those kids who were apprehensive yesterday a chance to look at and touch the Dragon. The kids really enjoyed touching and getting hugs from him.

Syd getting her hug!!!

Aunt Jackie has a Very Special book about her trip to China, to bring her daughter home. She shared some special photos of Chinese New Year that she had taken herself while in China. We got to see photos of Real Chinese Banners and Lanterns hanging in the homes in China.
She talked about how special the color Red is in China, especially at the New Year.

After seeing Aunt Jackie's special photos we read Red is Dragon, by Roseanne Thong. It talked about all sorts of colors and had some beautiful pictures. For 2 of our centers we set out colored paper for a color collage and set up the easel with Red, Blue & Yellow so the kids could combine the colors to make anything they wanted. Both centers were very popular.

Our time with Aunt Jackie and my Niece is coming to an end. They leave on Friday and we will miss them. It is so nice to have someone new at Childcare who shares the same love of children. We were able to come up with some great activities, learn about new things and have a lot of fun doing it!!! I will miss them a lot!!!!

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