Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Great Hump Day

Yeah I got my Memory Card back!! I miss my camera when I don't have it. We do so many things and I want Mom's and Dad's to see us at work!!! I know if I had to go to work it would brighten my day to stop and take a peek into their day :)

Little Miss M is actually "writing" her name. She would wait until someone started saying letters and she would tuck her head down and start "writing." Too cute!!
This is a huge reason I love multi-age learning. Little Miss M has the best of both worlds. She has all the time to play and socialize, but when she wants to, she can pick up a crayon and "write" like the big kids. She gets the positive reinforcement from her friends, and they get the feeling of "teaching" her to write her name. They enjoy helping each other.
We had some time today to take out the water colors. You can't tell in this picture, but she really loved mixing the colors in the water and would continue to dip the brush in the water then a color, then the water, then a color again. In the end it was a nice shade of black and Little Miss M was very proud of herself, and rightly so!!!

Here is our Valentine Creating Center. We have been going through about 4 to 5 sheets of stickers since Monday. I think I need to run out and get some more :) I also added lots of the Valentine Day Cards you see at the store for school, but they haven't been the hit I thought they would be. They instead like the pre-cut paper hearts or the ones they trace and cut out themselves. Then they embellish them with the stickers or the many different stampers I have available.

As you can see... Our Kitty's are never to far from the fun :)

Spending a little time in the sensory table.

Here Ry is tracing a large Heart onto his paper. He is making a Valentine for his Grandma!!

Ahhhh... here the crowd has gathered to make their Valentine Card holders. Tomorrow we will begin sorting all our Valentines into each bag. I will also have some special name cards that will sort tomorrow and then use to play a variation of musical chairs (more later).
Again, the stickers and smelly markers were a hit!!

I introduced these cards about 2 weeks ago. They are a mitten matching and counting game. It is hard to explain, go to Prekinders and take a look. (They have a huge amount of printables!!!) Well, these cards have sat on the shelf getting no traffic. Today I took out cards 1 to 5 and showed the kids how to play the Memory game with them. It was a huge hit.

It was really cute to see them root for each other. Only a few of them (usually those with older siblings) know that there is a winner. Yet, for the most part, even those who only got 1 match had fun rooting for the other person they were playing with. We try to keep the competition to a minimum :)

The end of the morning was a nice quiet time to sit, converse, and practice tracing and cutting. The kids were so excited about tracing and cutting out the hearts that they went through a lot of paper practicing it. The then colored, glued, and made some beautiful hearts for their families!!
We had a really great morning... productive and fun. My sister and niece are coming to visit next week... just in time for Chinese New Year!! So I have been planning how I will fit in Chinese New Year, Presidents Day, and the Dental Health activity I want to do!! We also have more birthdays, St. Patricks Day, Easter, my, my... what a busy, busy time :)


  1. I love reading about your day.

    And yeah, what is it with all the good holidays stacked on top of each other this year? I like them a little more spread out. I curse that lunar calendar! =)

  2. I too . am having a problem with Monday and the double holiday drama. Perhaps they should have consulted the preschool teachers on what would have been best. :)