Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Day Today

Ok, today we had a great day... the kids seemed more calm today for some reason?? We started our day off with some good 'ol free play. I found an old book of Camp Songs and I started singing some of those silly ones. I had Syd laughing on the floor at me as I sang Rise & Shine. It was a good way to start moving to some music. I am excited about it!! (And Ms Debbie & Mr Randy... it takes some really special people to do what you do!! I loved your Kiddos Music site... I think everyone should hop on over there and pick up your CD!! I know I am!!)

Last night I set up our Valentines Center and the kids slowly began investigating it. One at a time they began walking past it and touching the stickers, pre-cut hearts, and Valentine Cards. As soon as one began creating... they all jumped in. It was a busy center.

We read some Valentine Books, played with play dough, and had out the cars and blocks. The kids found the new sand in the Sand Studio and began tracing letters in the sand. During Circle Time we came up with some Vv words and got out our Mini Chalk Boards and tried to write one. We did pretty good. I also had some Handwriting Sheets out to practice our Names. Depending on the level of the child, they can draw on the sheet, trace letters, or practice writing their names. I have tried to include Name Writing exercises during our Art Projects, Magnetic Letter play, Sand Studio, Chalk Board Writing, & just leaving out cards with their names on it and fun paper and pencils. They love it and my pre-kinders are doing really well with it. It is becoming second nature, some are even progressing to writing their last names.

I have been gradually trading out our work trays and adding more patterning work, counting, and transferring work. I am happy to get back to some of the basic Montessori Trays as Little Miss M is getting big enough to start a lot of the Practical Life work. I know the older kids will be excited to see it on the shelf again. I love watching the little ones get to where they can carry a tray, pour their own drinks, work on their pincer grasp putting toothpicks in a jar, or just putting clothes pins in a bottle... and Little Miss M is just on the cusp of all that. It is amazing.
Here are old photos of the kids from a long time ago!! My goodness... S is so small, I don't thing she was much older there than Little Miss M is now. I need to find that bottle & clothes pin activity :)

My camera came back yesterday... yeah!! Well, not totally, you see I went to take some pictures today and it said, "Memory Full." She forgot to put my memory card back in.... ARGH!!! Hopefully she brings it back today :)


  1. I love the Valentines Card Creating Station. I told my kiddos we would have one of those tomorrow ! Seems we are both bent a little Montessori ...:)

  2. We're doing the Valentine center later this week too! Name writing is going to come in a few weeks.