Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little of Everything Today

It was a quiet day today. The kids seem to work well together and were busy all morning.

The Sensory Table was full of Oats and Construction Vehicles. There was a lot of discussion on whether or not Oats could really be found on the roads. One child said, "Yes, if a big Oat Truck fell over. You know Turkeys were on the road when the Turkey Truck fell over" Hmmm.

We did some coloring, tent making, we put our chairs together to make a big bus (sorry no photo's... I was to busy moving and being directed to move :) ) and a lot of loud truck noises.

We got this Small, Medium, Large game from Nicole at Tired Need Sleep. She has some really great printables, how I wish I could figure out how to make some!! All the kids enjoyed playing, but the boys really got into sorting them in many different ways, not just Sm, Med, Lg. They sorted them by type, color, noises they make, etc... it kept them occupied for quite a while :)

I don't know about your children or class, but my daycare has taken to these little beanie baby kitty cats. They LOVE them... and when I say Love, I mean LOVE!!! There is not a day that goes by that these kitty's are not loved on, played with, or touched. The kids read to them, dress them, take them on adventures, inside, outside, to the breakfast table, lunch table... It is total cuteness!!

We also had the little animals out, and our Little Miss M got started with the scissors today. The look of concentration on her little face... to cute.

My favorite picture of the day!! She definitely thinks whatever she is doing is pretty funny, or that she got caught with the scissors again... hmmm... I think it's the scissors, now that I think about it :) Oh but the fun she's having!!!


  1. That little girls is SO cute and she actually looks like she holds the scissors really well. When I first read about the oat truck.. I read it as oat tree.. you know oak tree! :) I thought you had a comedian on your hands!

  2. I laughed out loud about the turkey truck! =)