Thursday, February 25, 2010

Field Trip and Kindergarten

Field Trip Today!!

This morning we took a mini field trip to my Sons Elementary School. He participated in a Living Museum project that the whole 3rd grade performed. Basically it entails each 3rd grader picking a famous person, such as Neil Armstrong, Babe Ruth (My Son), Dale Earnhardt Jr and Sr, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc... and writing a mini report about them. They then get some props, dress like that person and when you walk up to their exhibit there is a little button to push and the child tells you all about "Themselves." It was very cute and came together perfectly!! As a Mom, I am soooo glad it is over. It has been a very long process of research, typing, and memorization. The memorization process being the hardest for my 3rd grader.

The Daycare kids loved it though. We don't get to go on to many field trips, so when we do it is a lot of fun. They enjoyed pressing all the kids buttons and listening to them speak. I think they really liked seeing siblings and older kids from the daycare. But the props kept them interested too, especially the chocolate candy "Bill Gates" gave out to anyone who pushed his button... "Thanks Bill!!" The many "Sacajaweas' " had such beautiful costumes and some had little diorama's that the kids really enjoyed looking at. I think their best part was making my son do his exhibit of Babe Ruth and then touching all the baseball memorabilia. It was a fun time.

My Son's school also happens to be the elementary school that 2 of the daycare students will be going to next year for Kindergarten. Plus, one of our Mom's work there as a Kindergarten teacher!!! I mean sometimes you can't plan something this great!!! So, we combined the trip with a little visit to the Kindergarten Hall and Mrs. R's room!!! My very rambunctious 4 yr olds became little tiny guys in that room.

When we arrived Mrs. R was having Circle Time on the rug. We tiptoed in and found seats in little Kindergarten chairs in the back of the pack (they were too nervous to sit with the big kids on the rug). Except, of course, Mrs. R's son... he sat right with Mom, but was soooo well behaved. I was so proud of him!!! We followed their Smart Board exercises, in learning a word (for), writing a sentence (I bring flowers for my teacher), learning about maps (they put Micky Mouse Ears in Florida and California), and putting money (pennies) into a piggy bank. All on the interactive Smart Board, too cool!!! We stayed for a story, Who Is The Beast? by Keith Baker. My kids stayed right with the story and even shouted out some answers when Mrs. R asked them. Again, I was very proud (except the shouting out part, but hey they are preschoolers after all, they need to learn Something in Kindergarten!!). After that we said our Thank You's and Goodbye's. I wish I could take them there every week :). They enjoyed it very much.

When asked what their favorite part of the morning was, this is what I heard...

B: "Seeing my Mom!!"
R: "Seeing my Brother!!"
L: "Yeah, seeing your Brother"
S: "I liked the Tiger" (from the story)
B: "Yeah, my Mom read that."
R: "Well, I liked my Brother and the bathroom. It had a neat sink"

Why, with little boys does everything come back to the bathroom??!! :)


  1. Today must have been field trip day. We had one today.. and it was perfect. You know we are real preschool teachers when this kind of day makes up happier than chocolate cake! Your kids are lucky to have you!

  2. Hahaha!!! What is it with little boys and school bathrooms?!? I've heard the same thing!