Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Time

Today we had a party, playing, and fun filled morning!!! Believe it or not we did not fill up on to many sweets. Oh, they wanted to eat all their special chocolates, lollipops, & sugar filled treats, but when actually given the chance they each picked one and went on their way. I couldn't believe that no one made a fuss to have more candy. We did have special Krispy Kreme Valentine doughnuts (Thanks Kathy!!) but again, they were happy with one doughnut.

We had a grand time Freeze Dancing!!

What Valentines Day is all about... Friendship!!!

Handing out all our Valentines... we set up their bags/mailboxes around the playroom on chairs and they delivered their mail to each person. We practiced name recognition and problem solved on how to get SO MANY Valentines to the bags without dropping them. (We decided we weren't in a rush so we could just take 1 or 2 at a time)

We played "Pass the Heart." Our variation was we passed a chocolate filled candy box heart, and when the music stopped, the one holding the heart got to open it and take out a candy. Well, the heart box kept opening as they passed it, so we decided that whoever was holding the heart when the music stopped got to get up a pick a lollipop or chocolate out of a special bowl (Thanks Julie!!)

Here Little Miss M!!!

We then moved on to our Tossing Game... we play this game a lot when it rains or for party's, but today we decided to add another element to the game. I was reading a post from Ms Debbie, over at Once Upon a Time in Preschool, and when she played a tossing game like this she had the kids make Tally Marks for the amount of bean bags they got in. I thought what a great way to introduce Tally Marks. So, we did just that today. The kids loved making their own marks, and counting them all at the end.

Ry decided that he liked the Tally Marks so much he continued to play the toss game and make his marks at Free Play time. Very Cute!!

I can do this!!!

Yeah!!! I did it!!!
As hard as it is to sometimes include a Toddler into the play, Little Miss M loves it and wants to try everything the big kids do. She waits her turn, claps for the other kids, and even helped make her Tally Mark!! The Big Kids are so cute too, they were so excited for Little Miss M to get a bean bag in the basket, they were the ones to suggest that she stand closer to the basket, instead of standing off the carpet like they had to do :) They make me proud!!!

We also continued to trace and cut today!! I think I will make sure I have other shapes out next week for them. Maybe a tooth or something to do with Chinese New Year.

Little Miss M practicing her fine motor and problem solving skills. She teases me when I sit with her by putting yellow ring on the blue peg, then laughs and says... Nooooooo, and moves it to another peg. When she gets it on the right one she laughs and claps.... Cuteness!!

We had nice yummy Florida strawberries today. The kids helps wash and cut them up for lunch. It was a great quieting down activity before lunch.

Syd turned 3 just a short time ago and is doing such a great job!!! I am so proud of her and how she is growing so big!!!
We have had a wonderful day. I look forward to the weekend and the time to sort through our plans for next week. I wish all a Happy Valentines Day and a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Looks like you had a very fun Valentine's party!

  2. I love when I see kids helping prepare meals. I need to do that more often.