Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Although we did a lot of fun things this week, I think a favorite was the Bubbles!!!

Not only are Bubbles fun, they are great learning tools too. Babies follow bubbles with just their eyes in the beginning, eventually reaching and popping them. Practicing eye-hand coordination is so beneficial for infants, any time they get to do it is not only fun, but developmentally appropriate.

Laughing and giggling is also a huge benefit from Bubbles. These kids were at the end of an outdoor playtime, hot, tired, getting hungry... we found the bubbles and that's all she wrote. No more whining was to be had. If you were to walk near my yard that morning all you would have heard was laughing, giggling and lots of language!!

The toddlers were jumping up to catch the bubbles, they were tracking them across the yard, waiting to pop them until they got close to their destination and blowing at them to see if they could move them through the air. What fun!!!

Our theme this week was "All About Me" and we learned a lot about body parts, comparing how we are the same and how we are different and singing lots of songs about our names... the kids enjoyed each and every thing we did. Yet, sometimes the impromptu activities have the most benefits. Blowing, catching and playing with our bubbles proved to bring the kids together, working at the same goal and enjoying each others company. The big girls helped the little ones grab at the bubbles, the babies/toddlers laughed and giggled so the big kids not only felt big, but had the opportunity to "teach" the little ones something. The start of how we work at Kozy Kids, each child learning from the other, not just me. I am just the facilitator, guiding them, providing a flexible environment, and lots of hugs and love!!!

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  1. I use bubbles a lot with the infants and toddlers I work with. They love them! It's so cute to see how the infants track them and eventually are able to reach out and pop them. We have one little boy who always giggles when we blow bubbles. Great post.