Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Apple

We started our Fall/Harvest Theme Unit with something we can all relate to, APPLES!!! We are having a week full of Apples!! Today we started off by reading Little Apple by Brigitte Weninger. We love this book for its illustrations and simple text. I use it every year to show the many different shades of an apple. The illustrations really show off apples many colors.

First we compared an apple, banana and a plum. We talked about how it felt, what it smelled like and the different colors. Sprout and Roo also brought up how they liked apples with cinnamon, but not banana's with cinnamon (I promise, I never tried to give them banana's with cinnamon, but I think we might have to try it, it may just be yummy).

Then we got down to the fun stuff.... Apple Spin Art. Ok, so we didn't really use apples, but we used our salad spinners to create a multi-colored apple with paint and mini paper plates.

(I swear she was having fun!!)

What fun!! The picture above is of our plates, before the stem and leaves are added, it takes a while for them to dry as the paint has a layered kind of effect, so even when the top layer seems dry, it isn't dry underneath.

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