Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have been continuing our theme of Community Helpers and today I had a cute coloring activity for the big girls. They colored little "post cards" then found the matching "stamp" to glue on to them. They really loved it. I don't usually have my kids color IN a shape, but this one was just so cute that I couldn't help myself. Sprout and Roo loved the matching part of it and of course the gluing is always fun. What I didn't expect was how much the little ones wanted to do it also. So, I let them. We talked about the animal they were coloring, sounds they made, sang 5 Little Ducks when they pointed to the duck post card and then let them use the glue. The stickiness was a great tactile experience.

Roo knows everything is more fun in her Princess dress.

Little Man had fun coloring too, but he REALLY loved the glue stick.

You know when Sprout is concentrating... that tongue tells it all :)

Lil Bit loved coloring!!

Ok, so I can't color... but I can still have fun!!!

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