Friday, September 23, 2011

A Field Trip, A Birthday and Cupcakes!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Roo!!!

3 is a wonderful year!!

We went to the Post Office today to end our Community Helper theme. We were met with lots of rain!! That didn't damper our spirits though. We had some special envelopes to get stamped and sent out to our loved ones and a Special Happy 3rd Birthday to celebrate, so off we went in the rain!!!

At the post office we were met by a great worker who helped us get all our envelopes stamped, and we were even able to put them in the mail slot all by ourselves. The workers even let Miss Michelle take as many photos as she liked!!!

Some of us needed a little help though.

Miss Beth had a great idea with her umbrella!!! She kept her crew nice and dry!!

We then made our way to a great new bakery in our town called The Black Velvet Bakery... they didn't know we were coming, but they welcomed our little group with lots of smiles and yummy cupcakes!!

Here we are picking out our cupcakes... Sprout isn't to sure which one she wants.

Then we got to sing Happy Birthday to Roo... who of all people I wouldn't think of as shy, but shy she was :)

Little Man really enjoyed himself!! He was like a great big boy sitting in his chair, eating his chocolate cupcake. He did a lot of giggling and laughing.

Unfortunately the rain never let up while we were out, but we had a great time anyway!!!

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  1. Awww. What a great way to celebrate a birthday! We had a birthday this week also. One of the girls turned one, but we weren't allowed to give her cake although I wish we could. Watching them eat the cake and make a mess is priceless! Her mother did dress her up though in a tootoo and birthday crown. She actually kept the crown on all morning. She was a very fancy and cute birthday girl!