Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Buying

We took a little field trip to the local grocery store today. It was a lot of fun!!! I never really thought about making a trip to the grocery store a field trip. I always thought field trips had to be exotic, interesting, or museumy (if that is even a word), but after taking a workshop with Patricia Dischler at the NAFCC Conference in Las Vegas this past summer, I realize that anything can be made into something interesting, exotic or museumy :) if you just put a little thought into it. We live in an area that isn't all that close to many apple orchards, so I read the book Apple Farmer Annie, by Monica Wellington. It gives a description, both with pictures and text, about how apples are grown and harvested and then brought to market. We didn't read the text totally, but talked about what we saw in the pictures and how we thought apples got to our market. Then we took our trip to see if we could find some yummy, juicy apples in many colors.


Look at all those colors

Sharing our observations with our friends

So many to choose from, yet we must have the same one :)

Little Man likes this one!!

Helping to bag the apples up to take home

Lil Bit wants to pick one out too!!!

What do you think Scamp??

We had to convince her that the apple needed to go in the bag, she didn't want to let it go :)

Look at all these colors Shell

There we go

Look Scamp, they come in different colors

We also found out that they sell more than just food at the grocery store.

Even the checkout line was a lot of fun!!!

Say Cheese Scamp!!!

I think our trip to the grocery store to buy our special apples had to be almost as much fun as a trip to the park would have been. There was so many people to see and wave to, there were lots of different kinds of food, we even saw boxes with a different language written on it. We enjoyed having all the workers think we were the cutest, most well behaved children they have ever seen, of course :) What a good morning!!!

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