Friday, September 16, 2011

First Field Trip of the Year!!!

I was a little apprehensive to go on a field trip so early in the year, but I really want to get out and do more with the kids this year. Being in the same environment day in and day out can get on anyones nerves, but when you have 5 children under 3, well.... enough said, right :) I am hoping to get out at least once a month. We have lots on our list to do.

Well, they did GREAT!!! Getting out the door took longer than expected, but anyone who knows me, knows I always take longer than expected, so no surprise there. Our car ride was fun, lots of singing 10 Little Fishy's, and If Your Happy and You Know It... riding in someone else's car is always an adventure for little ones.

We didn't make plans with the pet store we went to, but we didn't really think it would matter since we were there to purchase a fish for child care. Everyone was very excited!!

Anxious to go inside!!

The reptiles were the first thing we saw, and the Bearded Dragon didn't disappoint... he came right up to the window and eyed the kids. I actually thought about taking him home. But, I just couldn't see myself looking for a Bearded Dragon Lizard that got loose in my house :)

The reptiles were very interesting and we spent a lot of time watching them.

The Birds were a lot of fun. They moved constantly and made lots of noise. My little Scamp here actually is smiling behind that pacy. She thought the birds were very cool.

Lil Bit couldn't stop hopping up and down in her seat... she thought everything was very exciting and talked a lot to each and everything she saw.

Although the kids loved everything, I think the cats and kittens were everyones favorite. How can you not love seeing these balls of fun swat at the toys and the glass. There was a lot of giggling and laughter.

We finally got down to the very real business of making a very important purchase. First, will it be a goldfish or a beta fish... we choose the beta fish. Then which one, a male or female, blue or red?? We choose a male, who was blue and red :) It was a hard decision. But I think we made the right choice.

We made our way to the checkout (we were told by this time that there was no taking photos of the animals in the store... I was a little taken by surprise, but not wanting to make a scene, I complied with the young women's instructions :) ) We choose a nice little tank to house our fish and homeward we went.

At home we rinsed everything, added the water and are now waiting to set our new friend free in his new home. We think he is really going to like it here.

Now if we could only agree upon a name we would be all set. We will save that for next week :)

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  1. It's a security issue. Petstores don't like people taking photos, as they may be casing the place. They, or someone else comes back later, and knows what they are looking for and where to find them. I can get by with it in my local petstores, however, because they know me very well!

    Good choice on the fish. We also have a male blue and red betta in our playroom! Good choice on not getting the dragon. The issue is not so much about them getting what you have to feed them!