Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday!!!

Little Man was Big Man this week. He walked to the park with his friends instead of riding in the stroller. He did such a good job. He wanted to keep up with his friends, and only needed a few reminders to stay on task. He did wander onto some lawns looking at leaves, stopped in his tracks when the wind began blowing in his face, and would sometimes turn around (with a laugh, of course) and try to walk the opposite way... but all in all, for his first time walking on the sidewalk with his friends, I'd say my Little Man is growing up!!!

Although we have been able to have our Circle Time, it has been more about movement, learning and fun then anything else. We haven't been able to really get into our Arts and Crafts projects and I'm not really able to leave out our Free Process Art materials yet because the little ones are very interested in learning about their environment through ALL 5 senses :) So, we are working on it and allowing Sprout and Roo special big kid time with some of those materials.

So how do we stay busy?? What did we do all week?? We spent a lot of time exploring our neighborhood. We ended each neighborhood exploration with a visit to the playground where we worked on our listening skills, patience, socialization, gross motor skills, and language skills. I don't even think the kids knew they were learning :)


I can do this!!

I'm almost there!!!

I see you!!

Water Break

Working those legs and interacting with friends.

Climbing High

Taking a Break

They love peeking out of these little holes on the sides of the tunnels

I am finally seeing a routine coming through our day. The kids are becoming more familiar with me and each other. They are finding their voices and their personalities are really shining through. I am looking forward to watching them grow and succeed in my care.

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