Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Playground Kind of Day!!

If I were to look back at our day, I'd say Wow... we got through it. It was a busy, whirl wind kind of day. It was the last day 3 of the kindergartners will all be here together, 2 go off to kindergarten full time tomorrow. We celebrated them going off to bigger and better things, we talked about the fun parts and the scary parts of being at a new place. I teared up a little, but smiled a lot. They have grown so much, almost like they have outgrown me :(

We went to the park today... the park is always fun. There is a lot to do and explore. We used all those gross motor skills that have to be kept dormant while we are having reading, circle, and quiet time. It was wonderful to see them climb, run, slide, investigate, and be daring.

Climbing high is always first priority!!

Miss Michelle look how high I can go!!

Even when your small, getting out there and using those muscles is a treat!!

Oh, I forgot hanging. Another favorite activity at the park.

Lil Bit here liked the grass on her feet.

Before we went to the park we talked about growing. Since we have a great age range this year at child care, we were able to make comparisons about how the Baby in our care is different than our Princess. How each one of us grows, like the flowers in the yard. We get bigger, we are able to do more things (like go off to kindergarten), and become more independent. We compared ourselves to each other, then got to do an art project. It was interesting to watch the different abilities as they worked...

Um, Little Man, you don't eat it :)

That's more like it... what a grasp.

Look at these big girls go... no help needed here.

(I have to confess, the big kids had almost the same amount of marker on their faces due to them being smelly markers, to funny)

She loved that purple!!

Now that Princess is going off to school, I think Sprout will miss her very much. I know I will!!!

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