Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apples Up On Top...

Exploring and investigating apples is a lot of fun!! We read a book yesterday and it mentioned that apples are round, well, we decided today to investigate to see if that was true. It's not. Although we did find a few roundish apples in our bunch, but no true round apples.

Reading Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss is always a favorite of mine. I love the counting and the silliness of it. We had to see how many apples we could get Up Top on our heads too!!!

Did you know there is a special surprise inside the apple?? We cut open our balancing apples to see just what could be in there... not only did we find itty bitty seeds, but we found a beautiful star.

Each apple had a star, but just like us, they each were just a little bit different.

We tried to make apple prints with our stars, but it just wasn't to be. Instead we took our Yellow, Green, & Red paint and painted with our apples. What fun.

Ok, so hands are sometimes a little easier to use :)

Painting with friends is always a bonding time...

Especially when one of your little friends is not so sure on her feet and grabs onto your arm with her very messy, wet, painty hands :)

Sprout & Roo were great sports about it!!!

After our time inside, we looked out the window and realized how beautiful it was outside!!! It has been rainy here for quite awhile and we were very excited to see that warm sunshine!!

Little Man is really doing a great job walking with the big kids!!

We can learn on our walks too... the kids found a yard full of these gorgeous (and poisonous) mushrooms. So, we had a quick lesson on "Even though they look good enough to eat, we shouldn't even touch them!! This is a look with your eyes plant, not your hands!!!" The kids were great, and when I told them I would take a photo of it, they didn't see any reason to actually touch it anymore.

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