Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Days

I think I was spoiled these past few years with having mostly older preschoolers at child care. I always had my camera near by and could snap lots and lots of photos of our daily happenings. I could then be assured that the majority of the children would have a nice solid nap, where I could then download the photos and write my post so parents could take a peak at lunch time and find out what their children did all day. Well, let me tell you... having so many little ones keeps my hands very busy, and its not with a camera :)

These are some of the shots I did manage to get today...

It was a wet day out so after a nice walk around the block I took out some inside gross motor activities... as you can see, this was a hit.

Lil Bit here is moving around so much and loves the housekeeping area

Climbing up the little slide has become a new favorite for this Scamp!! She took 4 steps for Mom and Dad this weekend, and 2 for me today!! Yeah!!!

I created a Ball Box for the kids this weekend, finding all sorts of different balls. Textured, big, little, smooth, and foam. They all loved it, but I think they especially liked watching me run around rounding them up over and over again after they dumped them!! :)

I love this photo... the garbage truck came by today and everyone stopped what they were doing and had to take a peek!!

My favorite part of the day though was our Circle Time. We got to read a book, sing a silly song, we took the "Where is Thumbkin" song and added the names of the kids, then Mother, Father, Sister and Brother... lots of fun!! We then got to do the Weather and the Days of the Week. The kids did great!!!

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  1. We have that problem in the infant room too. We're constantly busy because they all nap at different times and the few times they all nap at once, someone wakes up within 20 minutes. I don't really mind though because it's good to spend some individual time with each one when they're the only one awake. I love your ball box idea! I can see how that'd keep you running around!