Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Community Helpers

We are learning about Community Helpers for the next couple of weeks. We were lucky enough to see the garbage and recycling trucks yesterday. So much fun to watch that great big "arm" come out and grab the cans and toss everything into the truck.

We also talked about being a Builder/Construction Worker... Sprout here went straight to the block area and began "buildin a house in a house." She spent a lot of time on it and then her and her friends spent some time bulldozing it down.

Even Little Man got into the building part...

I had set out the Community Helper people on the table today. Ok, so most Community Helpers don't live in a castle, but that was all I had on hand :)

During Circle Time we also got to read some books about Mail Carriers, Firetrucks, and Police Cars. Although we talked about what Community Helpers do and what they mean to us, the kids don't always understand everything we are talking about, so a trip to the Post Office at the end of the week will help them to put a concrete image in their minds and connect some of the things we are talking about to their everyday life.

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