Friday, September 24, 2010

Water Fun for Everyone!!!

What a little WATER won't cure.
We had a trip to a Farm planned for today, my own son had to stay home from school sick today, so we had to cancel... did they mind?? See for yourself.


  1. Oh, looks like they had a blast! So sad's already too cold for that here.It was in the 40s this morning! Should be warmer next week...but not that warm!

  2. Wow ! that looks like a hoot ! what fun ! It is much to cold here in Canada right now for water play - we have moved ours inside ! Good for you teaching the kids the "roll with it" a little bit.... that's an important skill !I hope your Son is feeling better soon ! It can be difficult with our own feeling ill and still running day home. I am off to the Childcare conference in my area today ! yay! fun fun !

  3. OH wow soooo cool ... Soooo jealous! !We've been in drought here in Melbourne, Australia for the past ten years with quite severe water restrictions all year round so the joy of running the hose down the slide is something very few of our kinder children would have ever experienced ... sad I know! BUT we have just experienced our wettest August in like ... forever and our dams and rivers are filling up so HOPEFULLY our children will get to experience at least a little bit of this irresistible water play this summer ... fingers crossed!!!
    Donna :) :)