Monday, September 27, 2010

A Rainy RED Day

We had a wet, rainy RED day!!! What fun we had. I had all kinds of RED things to use today. Lots of crafty kinds of stuff, paint, crayons, do-a-dots, and toys.

We all wore our RED shirts too. It was great. Even the littlest ones had on RED. (I did too, for about 40 minutes. Then I got pooped on, oh well, a day in the life of a Child Care Provider)

We also did a crayon melting activity on the Hot Plate. I saw it on Annie's blog, but for the life of me I can't find the post for it. We love it and haven't done it in a real long time.

We used just RED today, but we will addmore colors as the week goes on. It wasa favorite today. I think we have about 100 melted crayon prints. We learned to keep our hands and arms away from the sides and bottom of the Hot Plate. They did a lot of experimenting on how far they could get the crayon to melt before it got to hot for them.

The light table got a little dirty today. It was fun seeing the light shine through the paper and water colors.

Building & Patterning were both busy today too.

These guys had fun today too, they jumped, climbed, and had floor time together. I think we have some friends in the making :)

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