Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday

Our Theme this week is Apples, Red and the letter A... I am trying to keep it simple and fun right now. Teaching routines and helping the Toddlers learn the ins and outs of our day has been very time consuming, which is to be expected.

Today was a great day. I put out some new materials that were very simple and easy to clean up, this way I could redirect when needed without to much instruction or words. I think it really worked out for everyone.

I re-introduced Quiet Work Time... which is when I have out some Art Activities, a Themed Activity and then some random work on the shelves. The kids can choose what they want each day, where I will hope they will touch upon everything by the end of the week.

This cute guy having Tummy Time

Our new Light Table with see through Colored Blocks
(an end of the year gift from one of our families... We love it)

The Pre-Kinders had an "A" worksheet (that I downloaded from here) that Little Miss M couldn't help but try... "I write Shell? I write too?" Very Cute

We did a Do-A-Dots Apple/A sheet (from here) that the kids really enjoyed

Sprout here is getting the hang of the art materials and loves to take them out and use them

Easel Painting is always a popular activity

An Apple painting on the Easel by The Princess

Enjoying some outdoor time

The girls bonding over mud and water

A Mud Dance to celebrate the Great Outdoors and all It has to offer!!!

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  1. Omigosh!!! You got a light table!!! So very excited for you, as I know how you have been wanting one!

    For like $10, you can get a bunch of different shaped colored glass rock things at Hobby Lobby. I also highly recommend the animal x-ray things, the colored window blocks, and the translucent magna-tiles. Those are some of our favorites! And that doesn't even count all the other things you can do at that table!