Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little of This... A little of That

I have realized how easy I had it last year. All the kids were mobile and walking. The biggest skill needing to be taught was potty training, and with Little Miss M and her family it was pretty much a breeze. So... I could take photos, have messy art out all the time, water galore, and getting out of the house was no big deal, just a potty break before we left and off we went to explore the neighborhood. This year, my minutes are so full, I have been having a real hard time finding the camera, let alone taking photos.

Today we work on our color RED, the letter Aa, and learned about Apple Tree's. We also worked on problem solving when we were building with the blocks and even when we were deciding who would pick up those blocks. We worked on our listening skills by listening to our friends when they wanted to share or when Shell asked everyone to wash hands. We learned that sand and Play Doh really do mix well together and make the Play Doh "shiny and sparkly" according to the Princess. One of our littlest friends learned that if you can make your legs and arms work together you can crawl... Way To Go Little Guy!!! Next thing we know you'll be walking!!! The Preschoolers are learning that they are the "big" kids this year, and are finding their leadership skills to direct and bring to life imaginative play as well as "helping" with the little people. What we do all day, doesn't always involve "academic" learning, but a lot of bits and pieces that help each child become confident Kindergartners.

Miss Beth was able to get these few photos today.... enjoy!!!
What, aren't I supposed to be under here??
Don't worry, I was just getting this RED block.
I am soooo Big!!!

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