Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Bb a little YELLOW...

We had letter Bb fun and a Rainy Yellow day today. The rain came again this morning, and I have to say we had fun anyway. We didn't go on our Rain Walk like I had planned (it was raining to hard for babies to be out) but we had fun anyway. The kids loved playing in the centers this morning. We had lots of Blocks, YELLOW Play doh, Bugs, and YELLOW painting.

During Circle we played a really fun letter Bb game. I hid objects with the Bb beginning sound... ball, bib, bowl, bumble bee, & banana, in a Blue mystery Bag. I then Blindfolded the kids and they reached in the bag and picked an object, trying to guess what it was. The only hint they got was that it began with B and the b-b-b-b sound. Everyone guessed correctly, Everyone!! Even our 2's... I was very impressed. The kids loved it and played with it after circle time with each other.

She actually guessed Bib, before I pulled the Blindfold off. Now, I'm not sure if she could see under the mask, but I am leaning towards all the kids being Genius's.

After circle time and a quick nap by Little Man, we got these two guys together for some play time. They love to look at one another and just laugh and smile... way, way to cute!!

"Ok buddy, what do you have there??"

"Here, let me show you how it's done"

"No, really I can show you how to play with it. I've been doing this for at least 4 more months than you."

"Alright, fine, you can have it. I'll just play with your hair."
**We caught him before he got it Moms :) **

Learning together is a lot of fun. There is so much more to learning than the Three R's... I love to watch the kids learn how to socialize, solve problems, take risks and grow in their own self-confidence through play. It means a lot to me to know that I have something to do with that.

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