Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Day

Today was an immensely fun day. We had some new friends come over for a play date. Miss Beth comes everyday, and we LOVE her and her crew. Having friends to share and socialize with is what Child Care is all about. I "lost" 3 of my preschoolers to Kindergarten this year, leaving me with Princess and the D Man (both 4) and then Little Miss M, Sprout (both 2) and Little Man (infant). Well, Princess and D Man are both trying to find their niche since the older kids went off to school. It is coming along, they are experimenting and taking risks, and navigating the Leadership Role really great. But, while D Man had his a little friend (that is a boy) come over with Miss Beth, Princess is the only preschool girl. She goes with the flow, plays great with D Man and his friend, even playing with Sprout and Little Miss M can be fun sometimes. Yet, she is missing her kindergarten friends. So, at my son's bus stop, a neighbor comes with her daughter (4), son (almost 3) and a little girl she watches (4)... YEAH!!!! This morning I invited them over for a play date!! Princess had a ball. It was nice seeing her play with the little girls, and they both immediately allowed her into their twosome. (I was worried, a little.)

When they arrived we were already immersed in some free play choices.... we had the water table set up, free choice art at the table with paper, scissors, markers, tape and glue, we had the easel going, and of course the housekeeping, blocks, and light table. I think the kids had a great time.

What color is your Apple? at the Easel

Then the many, many Easel Paintings that came after.
Lots of fun!!!

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  1. yeah for fun days! it is soooo difficult when you lose children to kindergarten it is sort of bittersweet isn't it? We miss them sooo much - they truly do become part of the family ... i have lost a few over the years and this will be my last year with a little one who started with me when he was 13 months old! It is rewarding,inspiring and heartwarming..
    Blessings to you