Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To the Nature Preserve we Go!!!

We went to the Nature Preserve in our development today. It rained all day yesterday, so we had to be inside. Even though we did some gross motor activities (dancing, hopscotch, freeze tag) it is so not the same as running through the trees and exploring the "Rain Forest" as the kids have taken to calling it. So, when the sun began shining this morning, and Little Man got up from his morning snooze, off we went. I love the way Little Miss M is copying D-Man... she walked the whole way there exactly like him.

Climbing trees is always a favorite. I wish we had a climbing tree in our yard. Sprout is just like the big kids... "Shell, Shell... Up, Up" Very Cute!!!

Exploring for all types of acorns, pods, & leaves took up some of our time. As well as running up and down the hills. (Sorry Mom's, I tried to keep them on their feet, but it was way to tempting to go down on our bottoms)

We also went on a Bb hunt... we tried to find things that began with the "b-b-b-b" sound...



and BABY

What a nice day!!!

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  1. So very jealous! We have nothing like that near us. Love the Bb words, especially the adorable one at the end!