Tuesday, September 21, 2010

200th Post

Yesterday was my 200th post. Wow!! I can't believe there have been so many posts. I love writing, sharing and most of all connecting with parents, other providers, and so many talented bloggers out there!!! I have gotten so many ideas and received so much encouragement from everyone.

I started this blog so parents could see what we were up to. It gave me another outlet to let them see each day, usually by mid-day, what their child did that morning. I always thought how great it would be to just get a glimpse into my child's day while he was away from me. I think that the parent's of the children in my care feel the same way... how great it must be to turn on your computer and see your child's beautiful smile, smiling up at you. Or even better, the muddy mess that may be waiting for you when you get here... but most of all, to see the joy and fun they are having.

I accomplished all that, and then was able to get more. I connected with other providers that have helped me through licensing, environmental rating scales (which I still have yet to complete) and given me that push to be the best provider I can be. Thank you all!!!

Each Smile Makes It All Worth It!!!


  1. What a lovely post Michelle... you can tell that you truly love child care.. it shines through in your photos an entries. Congrats on your 200 th post.

    light and love
    Autumn mamma

  2. And there are a few providers out here that love seeing your day too ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree with Debbie...thanks for sharing! And because of blogs, I now call you friend.