Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I Do Childcare...

There is a poem out there, 22 Reasons to do Childcare, and sometimes I need to reread it. I need to remind myself that what I am doing is indeed important. I am responsible for such special, important, loved little people, someone's EVERYTHING. The children in my care have found their way to me for a reason. Whether they are here for years or just a few months, our paths have crossed for a reason. Me teaching them something, or them teaching me something. So, I decided to come up with my own Reasons to do Childcare...

1. I don't have to fight Rush Hour Traffic
2. I don't have a Boss
3. My kitchen always has my favorite foods
4. What office co-worker will tell you that they love you 20 times a day
5. I am here to get my kids off the bus
6. I am here when my family wants to visit
7. I make my own hours
8. I don't have to compromise on the dates for my vacation
9. I never have to look at the beautiful weather over a cubicle wall
10. I can go outside and play whenever I want
11. If a child doesn't learn something here, I know they will get it in Kindergarten
12. We can just have fun learning
13. I get Pajama Day, any day I want
14. I can wear anything I want to work (within reason)
15. I get to play all day
16. I am here to put my kids on the bus
17. Naptime!!!
18. The goodnight kiss of a child before Naptime
19. There is no late meetings to get to or rush home from
20. We can just play outside ALL day if we want
21. Flexibility
22. Stability
23. Cuteness almost all the time (have you ever seen a toddler with a basket on their head?)
24. Caring for, loving, enjoying an infant... then sending him home and getting a good night sleep
25. Getting Paid to do all this!!!

This is where I belong. I forget sometimes that I am good at what I do for a reason... I love what I do. Family Childcare Providers are special people, who have a special gift. To all you Family Childcare Providers out there... Thank You for What You Do!!! It isn't always easy, but goodness the rewards are many!!!

What are your reasons??? I could go on, and on... but that would make my post way to long I think. Have a Wonderfully, Blessed Day!!


  1. My favorite thing you said was "Me teaching them something, or them teaching me something." I too love FCC and agree 100% with all your reasons. They are lucky to have you.

  2. This is great Michelle. I wish I didn't have to fight rush hour traffic!